Snug fit nose hoop 6mm 8mm, Triple lobe hoop earrings Set of three 3 Hex helix piercing jewelry,

$23 · This popular set of three gold or silver hoops is perfect for triple piercings on lobes or cartilage. Available in two sizes, our snug 6mm or small 8mm hoops come in your choice of sterling silver, 14k yellow gold-filled, or 14k rose gold-filled – dainty 22 gauge or standard 20 gauge. All of our hoops are handcrafted in a seamless style with special care toward comfort and fit. Great gift for any piercing lover. ***This Listing is for 3 hoops*** -Hoop sizes are based on wire gauge and interior diameters. Interior diameter size options: 6mm – very small. May be used in piercing that are close to the edge. Possible sites include daith, tragus, helix, lobe, nostril. Will not fit every person/piercing. 8mm – small. Fits many piercings.

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